Heyy my creative minds !!! 

Today I’ve officially launched my NEW BLOG to bring in the new yr in just about 2mnths. I deeply thank everyone of my followers for following & also Traveling this journey beside me. I want you all to still be able to connect with me just as we were on here. I will be posting a link BELOW if you would love to check out my new blog ! I hope to hear from you all personal comments, serious inquiries & etc. 



Greetings my creative Mindss !! 

I’m finally here to give up the details on my child birth experience, It was amazing & painful at the same time. I was so scared to give birth I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know if I would even make it out !!! That’s how bad I was shook. Yes as women our bodies is made for this but you still have that lingering feeling of “WHAT IF”. Now looking back I’m still amazed that I did it ! Coming out healthy both baby & I & healed well. You feel liberation as a woman after child birth, all my mothers that had a smoove delivery with less medical problems, understands.  On May 9th at 6:11pm my little lady Ivanie Empress blessed the earth with her presents. But before all of that my water broke at exactly 3am. The day before Mother’s Day I was having contractions but they weren’t close enough or strong enough to go to the hospital and I wasn’t going back & forth so basically you can say I waited until it got to a point where the baby was ready to come out lol. Now for all of those who don’t know I live Harlem NY & the hospital I was going to give birth was in Brooklyn NY. My boyfriend drove us all the way there thank the most high the traffic was NONE! After my water broke we headed there, we had to park a block away from the hospital so YES ! I walked a block with contractions all I wanted to do was sit down. Got to triage to find out I was already 6 centimeters & I needed to get into a room ASAP ! No I did not do the natural birth, I could of made it now that I look back on it but in the moment I just needed the pain to STOP !!!! Got the epidural & I was relaxed. I still had pain in my upper legs but better than b4. At 3pm I finally started pushing the epidural was wearing off slowly but not slow enough for me to “PUSH WITH CONTRACTIONS” as the doctors tell you. So we waited another hr, after that I was pushing for 2hrs sti8 I was so exhausted until I saw her beautiful face !!!!!! Now they take her over to cut her cord & all that they do. The doctor is taking my placenta out & I was so sick of everybody in my vagina at that point LMAO ! I’m asking can I just pls close my legs & hold my baby, my doctor is like we have to make sure nothing is left up there. Understandable. 4 months later I have a healthy 12 pds 25 inches LONG baby, being a mother changed my WHOLE life, I look at life so differently. I’m so blessed, I always feel like I have somebody. She’s my everything & I wouldn’t trade being a mother for all the money or whatever offered in this world. Of course my friendships changed for the better & some for the worse. But honestly I didn’t care because I knew that would happen, my responsibilities has changed & ppl can’t respect that then that’s fine. I love being a mother to my daughter even with the lack of sleep, teething process & lack of outings I get to do its all worth it when I see her smiling at me every morning. Giving thanks & praise for the lessons & blessings. Any comments or questions for me pls feel free to let a sista know ! 



Hey Hey Creative Mindss ! Yesterday I went out to grab last minute things for my baby girl before my due date which is next week Friday (0513). I swear no more shopping for awhile LOL ! We have been bless with so many gifts & gift cards at the shower, I’m so grateful for everything & everyone making the effort to make my baby arrival as smooth as possible. She has double of ALOT of stuff mainly the big stuff such as, her boppys, her tubs, her swing set. So I’m still debating if I should keep it for the next baby (Years from now) LOL ! Or give/sell it to someone in need, so I’ll let that simmer until after she’s born, right now it isn’t as big of importance. 
Now to discussing what I’ve picked up yesterday. For starters I don’t have anything against JOHNSON & JOHNSON but their baby powder has been getting ALOT of negative feedback, I haven’t read or heard to many on babies but mainly adults. If you have been keeping up with the news then you will have an idea of what I’m talking about. I appreciate all of the JOHNSON & JOHNSON gifts sets which usually comes with shampoo, lotion, sometimes oil & the powder but unfortunately I will not be putting it to use on my daughter. For the simple fact it might not effect her now but who knows in the long run or as she get older. I’m very overprotective, this is my first baby & I would like for things to go not only smoothly but to my liking. 
So ! I’ve been researching some different brands, of course I know every brand isn’t perfect but I would like for it to work for her while I’m in a state of mind that’s it OKAY ! I looked at two brands “HONEST” & “BABYGANICS” now I liked BABYGANICS products online but yesterday I didn’t like the smell of it, I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy but it turned me COMPLETELY OFF !! “HONEST” smell of products wasn’t to bad both brands had approved USDA so that wasn’t my concern. I decided to get a bottle of “HONEST” powder hoping it won’t break her out or anything. I also picked up some baby detergent, didn’t want to wash her clothes with what we use as adults because it would probably be to harsh to soon. I ran across “SHEA MOISTURE” which I didn’t even know they made baby products so after seeing that I didn’t want to see anymore brands ! I LOVE SHEA MOISTURE ! I got the two N one shampoo & body wash, which smells amazing ! Also got the baby lotion which I tried on myself after my shower last night, smells amazing as well. Last but not least can’t go wrong with “GAS DROPS” especially if it contains no alcohol, no artificial flavors, dyes, or sweeteners. 
Any feedback please feel free to comment ! 



Seldom do we stop & evaluate our lives, evaluate our next step on our journey. As I sit & evaluate my life I notice I’m my own worse critic, but then I feel like I’m the only person that really knows where I wanna be VS. where I should be at this time in my life. But who am I to know that for sure when our path is already written we are just going & growing through the experience.

Being pregnant has put many things at hault for me, things that I consider important to myself such as, being able to help my daughter father provide so we can go in the direction & reach our destination we are determine to get to, being to tired or to sick to work on my craft such as writing, building my character to help different organizations, doing more meet & greets to continue the start of my T-shirt business. Prepregnancy I had many things on my plate juggling school & finding a job that I like but also investing in my business as well, I had so much going on. Now that things are slow & im being put to the test to REEVALUATE my life & understand & plan my next step is definitely hard for me to do. With a new person soon added to my life I have to take into consideration her needs & wants but also what works for us as a family. This is a shock because I’m so use to it being just me. NOW I have to share a life with someone else. Don’t get me wrong I don’t REGRET my daughter at all, just life changing but I Wouldn’t change it for the world ! 
When life gives you lemon, make lemonade with alil sugar LOL ! 



Cooking every night has become an every night thing since my boyfriend & I decided to move in together. As the woman of the house I make it happen !! 😄😄 

Here we have well seasoned shrimp, white rice, black beans, & some steamed veggies. 

Carrots, celery, cucumbers, sweet peppers, tomatoes. All that give you well nutrients for a balanced meal. 


I know you guys miss me, I miss you all as well ! Still trying to find my way in this thing called LIFE. Being two weeks away from my due date has me happy, scared, nervous, every & anything you can think of I’m feeling it !!!! One minute I’m ready to have this baby out of me, but then I’ll miss her being apart of me. Then the next I’m uncomfortable & want her out but scared from the pain I have to endure. As women our bodies were designed for this, it knows exactly what to do, it needs no help. Of course as a human you still wonder “will i get through this” & then you’re reminded that you can, this will only make me a stronger woman, a better woman & an amazing mother. 


So b4 my daughter expanded my body for her living space for 9mnths. My abs were coming in, my V line was looking extra sexy & vivacious. Between working out and cooling out with yoga afterwards, my body was in a routine to the point where it was use to being stretched, reached to its limits & relaxed again. I can say with pregnancy I have gotten lazy since it’s my first, day to day you never know what to expect. You don’t know what symptoms you’ll have throughout the day or the next, you don’t know how far you can push your body until you try, esp if you are working 5 days a week with children you are tired LOL ! So I do get alil workout sessions going maybe 10-15 mins when I’m up to it.


After birth & during time I have “Mommy Time” I will be following up with many more yoga poses as such … Below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾